About Godz of Destruction

About Us.

        Godz Of Destruction is an alliance guild on the Arygos server and has had a home here for 3 years and counting. We're a close group of family/friends who enjoy progressing through current content casually, focusing on 10 man runs. Having a long history with our members and raiding on the realm since The Burning Crusade. We've had members come and go and always wish them the best of luck IRL. 

       We're currently welcome to the idea of getting a few more members to fill out our raiding needs and roster. Please feel free to look around the rest of the site, read the stickys in the forums containing our policies and such...Finally if you think you need a new home and like what you see don't be afraid to find the top left corner of this page and fill out an application!

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by DaDentist, 246 days ago


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* I'm slowly working on updating this site to current content. Any web designers or enthusiast are welcome to pitch in. Bookmark it and use it...this is our central hub of information....for now. Remember...YOU ARE PREPARED!!!  



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We're Moving On Up!

by Levana., 1734 days ago


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* There's a brand new site in the works that will include a domain switch and if it's a hit, I'm looking at buying us the domain name for good.

(It was supposed to be released today, but I fell behind and am rejigging some things...so stay tuned)


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*We should definately have a strong e-presence after building our monster-slaying-family for this long. Many of us are already friended among ourselves anyway. Branch out!

*Click For Godz On Facebook!*

*Click For Godz On Twitter!*

I will be finishing off my project and joining you shortly on MoP to catch up! (Yeah, I'll cave and buy it...Rawr)


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WoW ScreenShot Gallery is back and better!

by Zeenaa Moonshadow, 2262 days ago

Hello Guildies!

Just recently the photo gallery got a major upgrade to block the spammers from invading, so the gallery is open. I have invited the members of infallible to come over and create galleries of their own as well. Lets bring our screenshot gallery back alive with fresh new content and post your Cataclysm screen shots as well as your past LK adventures. No one has logged into it for over a year so lets start it back up! Any questions about the gallery just ask

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by Zeenaa Moonshadow, 2404 days ago

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CAD Sillies by Tim Buckley - PG-13 LoL!